Paul Ognibene Cohasset

Proposed Improvements to the Charlestown Navy Yard

Paul Ognibene of Cohasset, a real estate professional, discusses replacing the deteriorating Pier 5 at the Charlestown Navy Yard.

As a real estate professional working within Boston, Cambridge, and the surrounding area, Paul Ognibene of Cohasset stays up to date on some of the most pressing challenges of real estate development. One topic of conversation has been the idea of replacing the deteriorating Pier 5 at the Charlestown Navy Yard with housing and public amenities. Paul Ognibene and his team’s proposed solution was unique in that regard. The proposal was to create a floating residential community consisting of liveaboard vessels (LVs) that looked and felt more like nautically-inspired houses. The new LVs are accessed from a newly-constructed pier which doubles as a pedestrian walkway and utility chase for fresh water, sewer, electric, and natural gas services.

Paul Ognibene of Cohasset and his team recognize the growing interest in water-based housing and is exploring other locations to utilize the same water-based housing concept.

By Paul Ognibene

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